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A Sip of Health – Amazing Korean Teas

For the world, tea is a hot beverage made by putting hot water on tea leaves, in some countries it is made with milk as well. But for Koreans, tea can be made with anything and everything, be it flowers, roots, leaves, fruits, buds, seeds and more.

Korea is geographically situated between China and Japan. It is documented that monks from Korea went to these countries for studies and since these countries are considered to be the biggest consumers of teas, the Korean monks brought back home the legacy of tea from here.

In the Koryo Dynasty, tea was called as “uh cha” and was given as gifts to the military by the king and by the Buddhist priests and monks to the people who are grieving or dealing with some illness.

Different teas, different benefits

boost your immune

Korean teas are good in taste but also has powerful health benefits. Though Green Tea is considered most popular but now there are more varieties like – Leaf Teas, Flower Teas, Fruit Teas, Grain, Bean, & Seed Teas, Root, Shoot, & Bark Teas.

Lotus Leaf Tea

boost your immune

This is made from the very young leaves of lotus plant. The leaves are steamed or roasted and then dried. This tea promotes digestion and circulatory health.

Flower Tea – Chrysanthemum Tea

boost your immune

Indian Chrysanthemum flowers are used in making this tea. Theee flowers are picked just before they are fully open. The flowers are then blanched in bamboo water, washed and then dried in room temperature. The tea is said to be good for flu, colds, high blood pressure and dizziness.

Fruit Tea – Citron tea

citron tea

This tea is made with marmalade made of Yuja fruit which looks like grapefruit and is from the family of mandarin. The tea has great delicious lemony flavour and aroma. This tea is good for coughs and sore throats. And it boosts immunity as well.

Grain Tea – Barley Tea

boost your immune

Root Tea – Ginger Tea

boost your immune

This tea is made with ginger root soaked in honey. This tea is believed to warm up the body. Good for digestion, and helps in maintain the body temperature.

Root Tea – Ginseng Tea

boost your immune

One of the most celebrated teas in Korea and world is Ginseng Tea. In Korea, best Ginseng comes from Punggi and Geumsan. It stimulates appetite, good in treating nervous disorders and diabetics. It is a natural energy booster.

These celebrated Korean teas are sure an experience. Brew yourself a steaming cup of tea and reap the benefits and not to forget the soothing and calming effects of these teas.

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