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M S Distributor & KTE Trading Co.,Ltd. is in the business of selling high quality beauty products at affordable rates. We import high end cosmetic products from South Korea. The company selects the finest products that are most likely to sell in the Indian market from a rich catalogue of South Korean cosmetics. These products are sold all over the world including USA, Thailand and other western nations. We are bringing these products to Thailand for the very first time. These products are now readily available in Thailand through our online shopping website korikart.net. We have been in business for over 8 years and now have an in-depth understanding of the Indian and Thailand market. We take our customers very seriously and value their feedback. This constructive approach towards business has allowed our company to evolve, grow and expand. We are dedicated to our craft because we wish to establish our own benchmarks which future cosmetic companies would follow.
We import our beauty products from South Korea because the country has a strong reputation for manufacturing products that meet the highest quality standards. They run their beauty products through rigorous tests and only clear them when they have met the highest standards. This dedication and commitment has helped South Korea become a powerhouse in the global cosmetic industry. The phrase South Korean beauty product alone rings a thousand bells and customers have no hesitation in buying beauty products made by them.


Under the supervision of Nature Factory, a leading South Korean cosmetic company, each and every ingredient has been carefully selected from Mother Nature’s womb to give you the most healthy, effective and safe beauty product possible. These ingredients have been selected by some of the top beauty experts and dermatologists to give you an all-natural product that works its magic on your skin without any side effects. Blessed with natural extracts, these beauty products are rich in vitamins and minerals. These extracts nourish, replenish and rejuvenate the skin to give you the bright, glowing and fair texture that you have always wanted.

These days’ consumers have become very conscious about the brands/products they buy. Is the product safe, is it herbal/natural, are there any added chemicals, does the product meet the safety standards set by concerned authorities, etc. These are some of the questions that frequently bother consumers whenever they are buying beauty product. There are so many cosmetic beauty products in the market to choose from. Which one should you pick. M.S. Distributions has taken cognizance of this fact and wants to assure its customers that every product you buy from us has been certified and approved by South Korean authorities.


What sets our enterprise apart from other cosmetic companies is our emphasis on quality over publicity. Other cosmetic companies spend a significant portion of their money on advertising and other publicity gimmicks. They are too busy chasing celebrities who charge huge sums of money and who bring no real value to the product. Cosmetic companies can use this money for other productive purposes such as improving product quality standards. The fact of the matter remains that quality sells. Selling mediocre products through big names is like putting a lipstick on a pig. It will have the desired effect in the short run but consumers will eventually see through the façade. The unfortunate part is that gullible consumers fall prey to these strategies and end up using unknown products that do more harm than good. Cosmetic companies play on the ignorance of consumers to sell their products and will make no efforts to change track as it benefits them commercially.

Mission and Vision

Instead of wasting our time and effort on celebrities, we believe in spending all our time, money and resources in giving our consumers beauty products of the highest standards. We adhere to the principles of patience and persistence and will always strive for perfection. We do not play 20-20 Cricket but enjoy playing Test matches that tests a player’s endurance, stamina, hunger and desire to win. We have been in business for over 8 years now and are in the cosmetic game for the long run. We will keep pushing ourselves till we accomplish our goals and set new benchmarks for other cosmetic companies to follow.
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